What are you interested in learning about?

Hi readers,

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)  I have been busy, busy this summer.  While it’s fun to have a flurry of activity and time outdoors, I am really looking forward to the fall.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the crunch of the leaves and the the cool temperatures. I love the smell of pumpkin, spiced apple cider, and fire pits and I especially enjoy walking my dog this time of year.  My dog, Bucko is a Texan but upon moving to Chicago, he discovered the magic that is Fall.  His favorite thing to do (other than eat, pee and cuddle) is to kick up leaves– the larger the pile, the better.

As we move into fall, I anticipate having more down time to write and am very much looking forward to exploring new topics. I have several ideas brewing for upcoming posts, but am interested in hearing what you all are interested in learning about.  More specifically, I would like to explore the application of yoga to various physical, emotional and behavioral processes.  

What would you like to see covered in upcoming posts?

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing information and learning together.  I truly appreciate your ideas and feedback.


P.S.  Today Bucko is having a dental cleaning which requires anesthesia.  It is an extremely routine procedure but I am an anxious doggy mom today, particularly because he is 11 and has had some health issues recently.  I know he will be fine, but to get me through the day, I am posting an obsessive “Bucko montage” for your enjoyment.  Okay, let’s be real… I am posting it for my sanity!  A little pug love and pranayama to move through the day.

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6 thoughts on “What are you interested in learning about?

  1. The Fashion Huntress

    Well wishes and thoughts for Bucko, your adorable pug (pug love, if you will). And I would love to learn more about yoga and movement for healthy sleep!! Well, anything related to healthy sleep in general :)! thanks, acorn, for keeping us informed!

    1. acorn Post author

      Thanks, Huntress! Sleep is a HUGE DEAL (oversleeping, under-sleeping, difficulty falling asleep, intermittent waking, etc.) and there is a lot that yoga can do to improve sleep. I will definitely considering writing a post on yoga for sleep.

      Thanks for the pug love 🙂

    1. acorn Post author


      Will do! I mostly teach privates so my sequencing and recommendations are typically geared towards one on one work and personal practice. You can definitely apply the info to group classes though. Enjoy your training– so fun! I miss being in a structured training program; I’m on the hunt for my next 🙂



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